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PierPlas is considered the most advanced floating assembly system on the market today, constructed with interlocking modular blocks, this eco-friendly system is suited to piers, docks and moorings.

Made of molecular High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), a resin material that does not harm the environment. The PierPlas docking system is treated against UV rays and is designed to withstand exposure to the elements. The elegant design and rigid assembly protects the platform from boats and making it more stable under foot.

Floating docking systems are fast, clean and much cheaper to assemble than traditional wooden marine decks. The infinite configurable platforms can be adjusted according to changing needs. The PierPlas floating dock system requires little maintenance and can easily be removed for cleaning.

It's anti-static, anti-corrosive properties and skid-resistant surface make PierPlas an excellent, long-lasting performance product.

Recommended applications

  • Marinas and resorts
  • Mooring for jet-skis, kayaks, and small boats
  • Aquatic performance convention facilities
  • Floating Walkways
  • Fish Farms
  • Treatment plants


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