Azimut Grande Trideck NEW

Azimut Grande Trideck NEW



Azimut Grande Trideck NEW

The Azimut Grande Trideck is the new flagship of Azimut Yachts. The superyacht, which boasts a revolutionary layout, is also the first triple-deck superyacht built by Azimut, becoming the new symbol of the Italian brand’s DNA.

Designed for the contemporary owner who wants conviviality whilst in constant contact with the marine environment. The new Azimut Trideck is the vision of designers Alberto Mancini for the exteriors, Achille Salvagni for the interiors and Pierluigi Ausonio for the hull.

Conceived on staggered decks to offer an unprecedented interpretation of the environments onboard, the Trideck is an absolute triumph. Offering up to up to six cabins, a widebody superstructure and a sun deck, all whilst remaining under 300 GT in volume.

With a modern stylistic language, Mancini lightens the external lines, restoring a feeling of dynamism, a difficult task considering the vast internal volumes on this 38-meter yacht. The designer sculpted the hull with a rib that starts from the stern, at the height of the exhausts and extends to the bow, moving and giving tension to the profile. The fairleads themselves are styled and incorporated to enrich the design.

As with all the models in the Grande Collection, Azimut relied on Achille Salvagni for the design of the interior spaces and furnishings. The designer fully embraces the cause of the shipyard: to offer the market a redefinition of the role of space, giving new functionality to the onboard environments.

The Trideck is the newest member of the Carbon Generation, with her entire superstructure laminated in carbon fiber for a 30% local reduction in weight and an absolute weight reduction of 6 tons. In this way, despite the increased volumes onboard, the Trideck’s low center of gravity is preserved, guaranteeing excellent static and dynamic stability. The combination of the D2P® hull, designed by Pierluigi Ausonio, and carbon superstructure mean a significant improvement in performance: lower fuel consumption, higher speed and longer range. 

The Trideck features an advanced power management system by SeaEnergy, which allows the automatic optimization of onboard electricity consumption through a perfect balance of shore power and the generators (or only between generators when at sea) depending on the energy needs of utilities.

For even more freedom, owners can also add Hotel Mode to the Trideck. This means being able to relax, anchored in a bay with zero emissions and in total silence. With a lithium battery pack of about 130 kWh, the Trideck can operate the main onboard utilities with the generators switched off for up to 4 hours during the day and 8 hours at night.

Manufacturer / Make
Trideck NEW
37,6m123’ 4’’
7,9m25’ 11’’
1,85m6’ 1’’
Twin 2400 mHP MTU
Fuel Capacity
23,000L6,076 US gal
Water Capacity
4,000L1,056 US gal
Sleeping Capacity
10-16 people

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