11 Jul 2013

The Boating World team came back to work totally inspired after recently attending the breakfast launch of Brand Pretorius’ brand new book called ‘Driven Leadership’.

They joined around 100 businessmen and women at the V & A Clock Tower to enjoy a delicious light meal and a motivational talk by the well-known businessman and former CEO of McCarthy Motor Holdings. This was one of many events organised and hosted throughout the year by the Cape Town branch of the Business Women’s Association of South Africa.

In sharing his views and experiences as a leader in business, Brand had the audience spellbound and Derrick, Suzanne, Greg, Victor, Jessica and Ricky Moss of Lowrance South Africa each went away with valuable insights and points to apply to their own business lives.

They were also delighted and proud when he mentioned Derrick as a successful leader and someone who has left his mark in his industry.

It was interesting to learn how different points were highlighted for each member of the Boating World team – these are some of them.

Derrick agreed with the statement that there is a difference between managing and leading people where Brand said “Leaders inspire and managers micromanage.” He added that leaders have positive vision, are not afraid of the future and they have enough self belief that they can make plans. Anyone who knows Derrick well will agree that he has these qualities in abundance.

Jessica identified with the thought that it is a privilege to lead and this privilege needs to be earned and she was agreed that you can be firm yet fair and bold without being a bully.


Greg learned that a great leader is someone who is passionate and enthusiastic about their job and who is looked up to not because of their position but rather their work ethics, values and success. Someone who inspires their staff to work in the same manner!

Brand has never been your typical business leader in his over 35 years in the car business. He increased Toyota’s share of the South African market from 7 percent to 30 percent, and in only three years from eighth place in customer satisfaction to market leader.  

No wonder the audience was captivated by this astute industry leader whose track record speaks for itself and bears testimony to the fact that “If you can't lead yourself, it's impossible to lead others.”

Clearly, he’s a man who practises what he preaches!