21 Feb 2014

Moooonliiiight and rooooses......!!! The roses may have been absent but starlit skies, awesome sound and an excited crowd set the tone for a festive atmosphere at the much-loved Moonstruck concert on Clifton’s 4th beach recently.

As the day turned to dusk, music lovers of all ages gathered on the sand and in boats offshore – all eagerly anticipating a great trip down memory lane.  A roar of approval met the first sounds of the classic tunes from Solid Gold Session Band which pierced the night air and reverberated across the sea. Once again, this popular group thrilled the audience as they masterfully filled the evening with romance, fun and happy memories of yesteryear. All agreed that this year’s event was as big a hit as ever.

Boating World’s Derrick, Suzanne and Greg and a party of friends enjoyed every minute of this fabulous evening on board a 42’ luxury cruiser. Setting off from Granger Bay at about 6pm, they first stopped off at The Grand Cafe where they spent some time tuning in to “relax” mode.

After a slow cruise along the coast they joined several boats at anchor just off 4th Beach where the concert was being held. From their vantage point they could clearly see the hundreds of families and friends enjoying their picnics while they waited for the concert to start.

It was not long before Derrick and his party succumbed to the beautifully warm water lapping beneath their boat and soon they were diving in to cool off and having much fun on a stand-up paddleboard.

From the moment the first notes wafted along the airwaves, the beach was transformed into an open-air dance floor. Excited revellers celebrated good music and togetherness – relishing the sand underfoot while dancing under the canopy of stars above.


The stage with a giant screen and lighting ensured that everyone had a good view and the high tech speakers projected every sound far and wide. Happily the ominous weather which had been predicted did not emerge until later and everyone revelled in the fiesta-like atmosphere.

And it certainly was breath-taking… to be perfectly positioned offshore on a luxurious cruiser while sipping Moet and watching the sun set to the strains of memorable music. Needless to say those in boats were soon dancing on the sea!

As the evening closed in, twinkling lights lit up the beach as the crowd enthusiastically waved glow sticks in time to the music.  These were bought in support of the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) which does so much each year to protect those at sea.

 When the wind picked up, the Boating World party reluctantly made their way back to Granger Bay to the sound of music and hundreds of voices singing in unison... and fading away in the distance.

It was not the end of the evening though. Back in the sheltered waters of the marina, they continued to enjoy good food and refreshments, accompanied by loads of laughter in the company of good friends. Truly another “Moonstruck” evening to remember!