09 Mar 2011

Johannesburg businessman and Boating World client Jason Naicker and his friends were ecstatic when they heard that exciting whizzing sound from their line- galvanizing them into action and turning their boat into a hive of activity – during a fishing trip in Richards Bay earlier this year (Monday, January 24 2011)

With the possibility of a positive Marlin catch, having already lost two strikes earlier, it was no wonder they got excited. So much so that even the Gillie jumped in to grab the line and Jason who was in the cabin at the time came rushing out to take the rod before flinging himself into the fighting chair.

 The fish was about 50m from the boat and when it first took the bait and it jumped right over the two other lines before speeding out to sea. His two companions rushed to reel in the other lines.

What a sight and what a fight it was for Jason -  as this was his first Marlin catch and come what may he was determined to win this one!

At one point he said his stomach was churning and his legs went to jelly and skipper James McGregor helped him reel in this 68kg beauty .  Friend Mike was on hand to grab the bill and get the fish on board.

Never in his wildest dreams could Jason have imagined the thrill of catching that first Marlin and speaking to other anglers it’s a feeling that one never forgets! The conditions had been perfect with a sea like glass, hot sunny skies and no wind at all and they were fishing at the 400m depth mark near the Jolly Robina wreck off St Lucia. He was using a Purple Turtle Cona Lure and 50-pound line.

Jason said he was sad that the fish was already dying by the time it was brought close to the boat (after a strenuous 30-minute battle) as it was so beautiful to look at and his instinct was to let it go.

It was celebrations all round later that evening with dinner and drinks at the Protea Imbubu Lodge in Richards Bay.

Not bad for an angler who  has only been ski boat fishing for about a year – having bought his boat from Boating World - although Jason says he has enjoyed many hours of shore and bay fishing with his father since he was a young child. He added that that he travels down to Richards Bay every month to indulge in his favourite past time and he and his fishing pals have also caught a number of bottom fish and Tuna of around 15 – 20kg