23 Sep 2015

Expanding their extensive range of craft for top-end boat buyers is not something new to Boating World and the inclusion of a new stable of upmarket craft (over 25’) comes as no surprise. Big boaters know they can trust Derrick Levy to find interesting new options.

Welcoming aboard the internationally popular Sea Ray Range of boats, Derrick has introduced another huge dose of innovation, craftsmanship and service. No wonder local boaters are excited.  

Boating World will offer a selection of models including the Sport Cruiser range (260 -370 Sundancer and 270-350 SLX) Sport Yachts/Yachts and their “L-Series” Yachts up to L650 Flybridge versions.

Derrick immediately recognized the quality and comfort evolved from decades of boat building expertise and the unique design aesthetic which characterizes every boat. Their sleek, sexy shape is easily recognized and common to all Sea Ray models.

Each beautiful boat is filled with the latest features and unique technologies. ‘Quiet Ride’ for example, reduces noise and vibration by up to 50%, so conversations flow easier conversation and the driver is able to concentrate. The Dynamic Running Surface™ function automatically adjusts the trim to maximize the performance and stability regardless of conditions or the harshness of the coastline.

The SkyFlow Design - the roof of the galley is actually glass rather than fiberglass - uses natural light to flood into the boats making them appear so much bigger– giving an open, airy feel.  A sliding shade across the glass roof closes it off if necessary.

Concealed Outboard Propulsion™ gives the best of both worlds. The trim and efficiency of outboard power and the increased space and useable transom of inboard versions. The result? More space on board, easily navigated shallow waters and reduced maintenance costs.

No wonder these internationally acclaimed craft have won a fistful of awards for quality, customer satisfaction and innovation from esteemed organizations.

These include:  NMMA innovation Awards which measures satisfaction with the boat and engine, the manufacturer and with the dealer who sold it to them.

CSI Award for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction - Sea Ray consistently earned CSI approval from its owners in more boat categories than any other manufacturer.

The Most Product Quality Awards and The Most Editor’s Choice Awards - which is why they’ve received the AIM Media Group’s Editor’s Choice award and the 370 Venture won Boating magazine’s 2013 Boat of the Year.

Contact Boating World on 021 418 0840 for a closer look at some of their fabulous options from Sea Ray!