More world-firsts for Riviera’s 4800 Sport Yacht and Volvo Penta at Sydney International Boat Show

20 Jun 2016

Riviera has just confirmed the stylish new 4800 Sport Yacht will be the first production motor yacht in the world to be showcased with the next generation of Volvo Penta’s Inboard Propulsion System (IPS).

The latest addition to Riviera’s luxurious Sport Yacht collection is already generating very strong interest ahead of her own World Premiere at Sydney International Boat Show (28 July – 1 August 2016).

Riviera and Volvo Penta have now revealed the 4800 Sport Yacht will showcase the innovative new D8-IPS800 propulsion system with IPS15 pod-drives for the very first time in the world. Volvo Penta’s compact new D8 marine engine will be on display to the public for the first time in Australia.

Riviera chief executive Wes Moxey said Riviera is very proud to be at the forefront of a global marine revolution that is making boating even easier and more enjoyable.

“The evolution of IPS has completely changed the way we go boating and Volvo Penta’s continued refinement is setting new standards in handling, onboard comfort, dependability and maneuverability,” he said.

“Riviera has now launched over 500 pod-driven luxury motor yachts that can be seen cruising the great rivers, lakes and oceans of the world.”

“For the two-stateroom/two-bathroom 4800 Sport Yacht, we have developed a completely new hull with keel and it is the perfect match for both the new IPS15 pod-drives and new D8 engines.

“Partnering with Volvo Penta for the world release of this powerful new IPS package – as part of the Riviera 4800 Sport Yacht’s World Premiere – confirms our position as a global leader in embracing innovative easy-to-use boating technology.”

Easy boating

Volvo Penta product specialist Gavin Rooney said one of the first things you will notice about the D8-IPS800 system is further improved noise levels and vibrations.

“This enhancement is enabled by Volvo Penta’s advanced common rail technology, rigid engine construction, mounting system and an innovative sound-dampening structure,” he said.

“It makes for a very pleasant boating experience.”

In line with Volvo Penta’s impressive and growing range of high-technology diesel engines, the marque is widely recognised as the world-leader in complete end-to-end power systems for marine applications. The new D8 engine offers Volvo Penta’s trademark high torque and excellent power-to-weight ratio.

“Fuel efficiency and low emissions – also hallmarks of Volvo Penta’s engines – have been further improved with the D8 engine as a result of Volvo’s continued research and technical development programs,” said Mr Rooney.

“The easy joystick maneuverability of IPS is also enhanced thanks to the wide 34-degree articulating pods of the new IPS15 configuration.

“Driving your Riviera has never been easier – just move the joystick in any direction and your yacht will follow.”

Taking it to the next level

The Riviera 4800 Sport Yacht comes with a joystick at the helm, with the option for an additional joystick in the cockpit to port or starboard.

Volvo Penta’s innovative Glass Cockpit control and monitoring system also provides a very clean, easy-to-use system that provides exceptional overview and control of both engines, navigation including Dynamic Positioning System, sounder and radar, even Auto-Pilot and optional charts … all in one place and in the one system.

Integrated with the Electronic Vessel Control (EVC) system, the Glass Cockpit gathers all driver information and displays all of this data in an integrated form on the pinch-to-zoom Multi-Function Display screens.

One of the many clever feature of the Glass Cockpit is the unique Auto Guidance feature that – based on the yacht’s draft and your desired safety distance to obstacles – searches through all relevant charts to suggest a route you can follow and safely avoid shallow water, buoys and other known obstacles.

Coupled with the Auto Pilot, it not only shows you the way … it can also take you there.

The D8-IPS800 package with twin D8 engines and IPS15 pod-drives (2 x 441kW/600hp) is an optional upgrade for the new Riviera 4800 Sport Yacht, which has the new D8-IPS700 with twin D8 engines and IPS15 pod-drive system (2 x 404kW/550hp) as base power.

Both configurations have Volvo Penta’s counter-rotating, forward-facing propellers that operate in undisturbed water to pull the yacht through the water as opposed to pushing the yacht by conventional drive systems, and which are protected by Volvo Penta stainless steel line-cutters for protection from fishing lines plastic bags and nets.

The Riviera Advantage

Riviera is continuing to lead the luxury motor yacht market and proudly endorses the easy-to-use systems onboard its world-class designs, including the new IPS15 pods and D8 engines.

“A 5-year warranty on all Volvo Penta systems is now standard with every new Riviera and spans Volvo Penta helm stations, steering and propellers as well as major componentry of their high performance drivelines and fuel-efficient engines,” said Mr Moxey.

“Available worldwide, this extended warranty complements the Riviera 5-year structural warranty and will provide even greater peace of mind for our valued Riviera boating family members,” he said.

“The entire 480-strong Riviera team is feeling very proud ahead of the World Premiere of the 4800 Sport Yacht and we look forward to welcoming our existing Riviera owners, and aspiring owners, to Sydney International Boat Show from 28 July – 1 August.”