Fashion Designer Gavin Rajah goes yachting for his 2017 Summer Collection

18 Nov 2016

International fashion designer Gavin Rajah took to the ocean with us to shoot his new 2017 Summer Collection campaign. The theme of this summer’s collection is resort lifestyle. Gavin’s choice sports cruiser for the photo shoot was the Fairline Targa 48, which he felt matched the sophistication of the new fashion range.

Choosing a magnificent Cape Town summers morning for the shoot, we set out with the cast and crew to capture the ateliers evocative new campaign. 

We expect the campaign to launch any day, but thanks to support of Leisure Boating’s, Dean Castle, we managed to get some fantastic behind the scenes shots on the day.

The official cast and crew included;

Models: Nadya Nepomnyashaya, Brent Thompson 

Photographer: Karen Haacke

Art Director: Løuw Køtzé

Hair & Makeup: Mary Gouveia

Visit Gavin Rajah’s Instagram to catch the campaign when it officially launches.