Cape to Rio by row boat - Braam Malherbe and Wayne Robertson return home

20 May 2017

When the team at Boating World went out to watch the start of last years Cape Town to Rio yacht race it was a beautiful summer’s day. The sun was out, and so were the seals, and in usual Cape Town style, the wind was howling. The sailors were in their element, but we hadn’t come to see them.

We had provided the support and media vessel for two crazy men in a canoe. Led by extreme conservationist, Braam Malherbe, in raising awareness for his DOT – Do 1 Thing challenge, these men had one goal and that was to row all the way to Rio! With no assistance or support they embarked on a world-first journey to highlight the importance of protecting the Earth and our environment. The DOT campaign encourages ordinary citizens to make small changes, even if just by doing one thing, to save our planet and our children’s future.

In cruel irony however the environment had turned against them on that fateful day they were due to leave in Cape Town with the wind pushing them backwards with all its might. After limping back into the harbour, a few false starts later and even a change in rowing partner, Braam finally set off to Rio with Wayne Robertson on a boat 6,8 metres long and 1,8 metres wide with no support or assistance.

And on the 9th of May, 8,000km, three months and two million strokes later this intrepid pair arrived in Rio! Their epic adventure included battling through electric storms, countless run-ins with container ships, near-death experiences, loss of equipment and a few beautiful days in the big blue thrown in for good measure!

Now that they have completed this epic challenge – their challenge to us it to just Do One Thing – make a simple lifestyle change and have a positive impact on our environment before its too late!

Watch the above video of Braam Malherbe and Wayne Robertson Cape to Rio experience.