20 May 2011

When Alon Kowen of Cape Town first clamped his eyes on a set of the UK-manufactured OceanLed lights, he just knew he had to have some for his boat and as soon as he got them he was hooked. He is just one of many boaters all over the country who have cottoned on to the dramatic difference they can make to your boating!

Specifically designed for pleasure craft and series sports fishing the Amphibian Pro and Classic Series are now available from Boating World.

Derrick Levy says that apart from enhancing aesthetic appeal (especially at night) these small but amazing lights - which last up to 40 000 hours - can light up one’s world above and below water with phenomenal results. Better still they have all the safety features needed to turn-off automatically if necessary.

OceanLed’s Amphibean Classic series can be mounted almost anywhere on your boat – either screw fixed or zip tied to T-tops, spreaders, outriggers, trim tabs, pontoons, masts, engine cowlings and on-deck. They even have a clamp assembly which allows fixing to round pipes - put them on your trailer they’re bright enough for night launching.

The Pro Series underwater lights are extremely powerful but have an ultra-low power draw and no startup current is required. They are versatile enough to be mounted on any transom, on the side of gunnels underwater or on engine brackets.

 They are also easy-to-install-and-maintain, (it is recommended that a qualified electrician undertakes this task) and any sea growth can just be wiped away from the scratch-resistant Tritonium Lens.

Out at sea even in the dark, OceanLed lights make a boat clearly visible and easily identifiable with their distinctive blue tinge shining around from above and/or below. One can also acquire a strobe light setting which is a great attraction and teaser for big game fish which is of great interest to anglers.

Contact Greg at Boating World (021) 418 0840 for more information!