02 Jun 2011

After a hard day’s fun in the sun on-the-water – the last thing any boater feels like doing is cleaning the boat or washing down motors.

Believe it or not – there is a quick and easy answer to this unavoidable problem and it’s not just wishful thinking!

The revolutionary AirBerth Boat Lift System takes only about three minutes to raise your craft right out of the water (without a crane or trailering) for easy cleaning, storage and repairs – eliminating towing, launching, recovery and endless anti-fouling.

It did not take much to convince Boating World client Corneels Otto that an AirBerth would change his boating life and his positive feedback is ample confirmation.

The AirBerth is “….a fantastic product and as for myself and my crew, boating has only become easier!

We really noticed the benefits during the recent four- day SADSAA Billfish classic in Richards Bay. Usually early mornings, all day at sea and late finishes lead to shortened, incomplete boat cleaning and preparation.

This time I was extremely happy that my hull and motors were cleaned and flushed in just a few minutes at the end of each day.

I didn’t even need to be concerned about other boats on the moorings or on the water - as my boat is surrounded by a giant fender. Believe me when I say it is easier to dock the boat onto the mooring (especially in a breeze) with the AirBerth than without it.” He says.

Boating World’s Derrick Levy adds this amazing maintenance-free unit (which can accommodate boats of up to 10 tons) is transportable and is ideal for marina storage. Attached to your mooring jetty you have instant access to your boat and you can climb aboard or disembark with greatly improved stability.

By releasing the sealing caps of the tail pipes using the rope pull - the chambers are flooded to lower the boat into the water.  All you have to do is follow the mooring guides and drive your boat onto the submerged AirBerth.

Hoses are attached from a weather-proof, portable control box to blow air which displaces the water to centre your boat and shapes the unit around the hull. Air controls regulate the supply of air to the main buoyancy chambers and water is pumped out through the tail pipes when lifting. 

The Air Berth simply rises up above the water and your boat is kept completely dry and safely stored right at your jetty-side. Compression pads disperse the load to give the boat more even support and once safely in place you can secure it with the positioning ropes. (The support cradles fit most monohull craft and cats can be accommodated and it is fibreglass-hull friendly).