Leadership, SA’s #1 Award Winning Business Magazine, Talks to Derrick Levy About Luxury Yachts and How They Remain A Status Symbol

08 Nov 2018

He represented South Africa internationally in ski racing, winning the Italian Grand Prix on Lake Como. The daredevil still holds the world record of 500km non-stop in a jet-powered boat, while representing South Africa in barefoot skiing and boat racing too.

Derrick Levy has been awarded the prestigious Lifetime Achievement award by the South African boating industry for his contribution both in the water and outside of it as a successful businessman, importer and leader within the industry. He is also a qualified skipper for motor yachts and boats under one hundred tonnes, making him one of the leading minds in the industry; with valuable practical experience out at sea.

Greg Simpson caught up with Levy on the eve of the Cape Town Boat Show, which proved to be another success as the luxury lifestyle that expensive yachts can offer remains in vogue, fueled by celebrities' Instagram posts of stunning destinations in the Mediterranean, sipping chilled French Champagne.

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