The race to St Helena with Dale Kushner and his built-to-win Jeanneau Sunfast 3200

31 Oct 2018

Anticipation is building as Jeanneau Sunfast owner and Brand Ambassador, Dale Kushner, and a fleet other competitive yachtsman prepare to race to one of the most remote islands in the world.

Known as the Governor's Cup and raced biannually since 1996 till 2014 when the race was put on hold to the dismay of many blue-water sailing enthusiasts, both South African and St Helenian, the race is back after a 4-year break.

All thanks due to St Helena Tourism asking the Royal Cape Yacht Club to assist the organization with bringing the yacht race back to the island, which RCYC eagerly accepted.

The St Helena race starts at Table Bay in Cape Town on Wednesday 26 December 2018, so the crews will celebrate New Year on board their boats. To date, 16 boats have entered the Cape to St Helena, it’s a race that’s set to be the most exciting and longest on the local South African 2018-2019 sailing calendar.

The contender we will be rooting for is YOLO, a Jeanneau Sunfast 3200 owned and sailed by Dale Kushner. The Sunfast 3200 provides effortless speed, it’s built using the latest technology to ensure the best strength-to-weight ratios. It’s a boat that’s built to win.

YOLO is fully set up for shorthanded Offshore sailing and Dale has sailed this course before. He is a veteran in the sport having participated in many oceanic events including the Cape to Rio, thus a hot contender in the event.

The sailors are expected to arrive from around the 5th of January on the picturesque South Atlantic island of St Helena. The island lies about 2000km west of Namibia and Angola and some 4oookm east of Rio de Janeiro and was accessible only by sea until last year when the international airport was completed. The airports' completion has been a huge plus for the participants as it has meant the homeward trip is much easier than previous years.

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