Azimut Becomes the First Yacht Builder to Go Virtual With an E-Boat Show

21 May 2020

We are excited to invite you to be part of the newly launched Azimut Yachts Virtual Lounge an innovative platform from Azimut-Benetti for a series of live sales chats, virtual tours and educational events as we build upto this weeks online boat show - which will run from May 27 to 30.

 Azimut-Benetti, the worlds largest builder of yachts over 78 feet, intends for its first e-Boat Show to replicate many of the key features of a conventional boat show.

The e-Boat Show will have product exhibitions and include Live Chat sessions with Azimut sales managers and other experts. Federico Lantero, Azimut’s brand manager, confirmed that the goal is to provide visitors “with the same level of engagement that you might normally experience face to face.” Lantero added that keeping “talk alive within our clients and dealers during this period of social distancing allows us to spend time to share the yachting lifestyle.”

The Azimut Virtual Lounge will serve as the boat show portal, but it will also remain a central knowledge base. It offers participants virtual tours, technical information and educational videos. Other features include in-depth articles, live events, behind-the scenes videos and insights into topics ranging from designers to technological solutions.

Azimut has been busy over the last month creating content for the boat shows. “One of the benefits of living through this period is that everyone is coming up with new ideas,” says Lantero. “We found a good liaison with some of our dealers who helped us find ways to create fresh content in a much shorter time. And, of course, we’re all used to doing video calls these days, so the Live Chats will not be a stretch.”

Clients interested in a yacht will go through Live Chat with their dealer and their Azimut regional representative.

“Our clients are interacting digitally with other product lines in their lives, so it makes sense for us to shift more resources into digital,” Lantero says. “They want more than just a basic presentation. They want insights into the products, so they can achieve specific technical goals with their boats. They are already learning as much as they can digitally before coming to us, so why not give them more up front?”