29 Aug 2011

While unusual items often crop up on a bucket list – Cape veterinarian Dr Francois de Villiers’s hope of catching a giant Yellowfin Tuna of over 100kg is one wish which will appeal to most serious anglers.

And talk about determination - as soon as he saw the change in water temperature (warmer) on the website recently he and his son Rocco chartered a Tuna boat and headed out for the deep to catch the fish of their dreams.

Sadly the “big” fish eluded them but they did manage to bring in a most respectable haul of 11 Tuna – nine of which weighed over 20kg - while two were smaller.

Starting off as a spear fisherman and competing in many national competitions - Francois’s interest in ski boat fishing grew with each visit to his friend’s cottage in Mozambique and before long he was completely hooked.

Now as a co-owner in a Riviera 3600 Sport Yacht – Francois entertains his family (which also includes three daughters and their friends) on many cruises but  regularly the urge to go fishing simply has to be satisfied. This poses no problem as the 3600 is moored on the canal near the V&A Waterfront – the ideal spot for a quick getaway for a day’s fishing off Cape Town.

He and four friends recently took off for the drop-offs near Robben Island - brimful of the hope of catch Yellowtail and Snoek. Conditions were perfect with mirror-smooth waters and they spent an idyllic four to five hours – doing what friends do best – fishing.

Francois says they use Rapala Lures for trawling and spinnakers and spoons on the drop-offs and pinnacles – a good choice considering they achieved their goal coming home with five Yellowtail and four Snoek.

On a slow cruise back to Clifton for a relaxing braai on the boat – the party was accompanied by a large shoal of Dolphins – the perfect end to a great day on a Riviera 3600 Sport Yacht.

Meanwhile that huge Yellowfin Tuna and Francois have a date with destiny…….!