A first in Hybrid Motor Yachts, Azimut Launches the Seadeck Series

03 May 2023

The new Seadeck, is the first hybrid motor yacht series for families, and the most efficient yacht ever designed by Azimut.

Azimut continues to establish closer contact with the sea and nature for its yacht owners with launches that combine technological innovations that reduce environmental impact with design solutions that break down barriers between its yachts interiors and exteriors.

In fact, over half of Azimut’s fleet is now made up of low-emission yachts, and Benetti’s latest nautical design revolution, the Oasis Deck™, an instant success that has quickly become the style paradigm for the entire industry. These historical launches are not only examples of the Azimut | Benetti Group’s unique ability to combine technology and design but also a deeply felt ideal of the group to pursue its vision with passion. That is, to return to a more conscious relationship with nature, protecting it and putting it at the centre of the onboard experience.

Borrowing inspiration from the Benetti Oasis Deck™,  the new Azimut Seadeck series offers a 40% reduction in emissions compared to a traditional vessel of the same size. With its generous onboard living space, large windows, and a totally open aft lounge that practically embraces the sea, families can enjoy this motor yacht on what’s been dubbed a ‘Fun Island', where no physical or social barriers stand in your way of fun.

To create the Seadeck Series, Azimut engaged Alberto Mancini, Matteo Thun, and Antonio Rodriguez.

Alberto Mancini came up with an innovative concept in which, right from the very first sketches, the exterior communicates naturally with the interior. To do this, he modulated the lines from taught and dynamic to sinuous and essential, thus defining the infinite space.

Sharing his vision, Alberto Manchini conveyed, "We wanted to create a boat that puts maximum emphasis on the concept of openness and transparency, and that also represented a radical change in terms of the relationship with nature. With the introduction of the Fun Island, the Seadeck is actually a floating island where owners can get away from their daily routine and live in total contact with the sea."

In their interior design concept for the Seadeck Series, Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez drew on the conscious philosophy that is a distinctive feature of their approach to architecture: to reveal the "heart" of the space, where it’s easy to ‘feel good’. Redefining luxury based on wellbeing while choosing natural and recycled materials over what one would expect in traditional yacht design.

Commenting on behalf of the group, Azimut | Benetti chair Giovanna Vitelli said; "The Seadeck is a new starting point for future generations. We wish, once again, to chart a course that will be an inspiration for the entire luxury yachting industry, so that the theme of respect for the environment is interpreted, as it is for Seadeck, with a concrete approach made up of investment, technological research, and the courage to introduce a new lifestyle that embraces the sea."

The Azimut Seadeck 6 is the first of three models to be introduced by Azimut, with the Seadeck 7 and Seadeck 8 to follow between 2024 and 2025.