25 Jun 2010

Riviera co-owner, Dr Francois de Villiers from Cape Town took full advantage of beautiful Cape Autumn weather on his 3600 Riviera Sport Yacht boat recently.

On hearing that the Snoek were running he contacted skipper Boating World's Alwyn Coetzee to take him and some friends on a fishing trip for the day. Launching at 6.30am from the Cape Grace Marina at V&A waterfront, the excited party of eight set off in perfect conditions - not even a breath of wind to stir a ripple on water.

Bottom fishing off Robben Island in the early stages proved disappointing so Alwyn wisely headed out into deeper waters to trawl. And that's where the fun started.
In about two hours they were catching fish left, right and centre and soon 20 well-sized Snoek were safely stored in the crate. This was a momentous outing considering none of those on board had ever caught Snoek before. "We lost about eight or nine fish to seals but we had plenty by then so we were happy to let them go." Alwyn said.

By 3pm the Riviera 3600SY was back in her moorings and Boating World took care of her cleaning and maintenance, leaving Dr de Villiers free to enjoy some well-earned "frosties" with his friends around a sumptuous Snoek braai that evening

This highlights the many huge advantages of co-ownership! Boating World looks after the craft and provides a skipper while owners simply walk on board have a good day and walk away.

You too can own a R4-million luxury Sport Fisher for a 10th of the price.