16 May 2012

A sudden surge of power, a sensuously smooth ride with effortless turns and you’re cruising along in lavish style - the ultimate in relaxation – only this time there’s no water around! Instead of the ultimate ocean-going Cruiser or Sport Fisher - the very latest BMW 5-series luxury vehicle is your pleasure for the day.

Boating World’s Derrick and Suzanne - always game for something new – jumped at the chance to test-drive the magnificent BMW 530 Diesel Sedan which was launched in South Africa recently. Breathtaking aesthetics and sheer power took their breath away, not to mention the superior technology - kinetic energy created during braking is used to charge the battery and reduce fuel consumption while the 8-speed automatic transmission assures a luxuriously smooth drive. This was going to be the ride of a life-time!

They were invited by Bruce Flemming of Consolidated Finance and Antoinette White of Auric Auto in Cape Town, to join three other couples for a special day trip - completely different to the outing’s they usually enjoy at sea.

The group met at Auric Auto’s premises where each couple was given a car to drive and the party set off in stylish convey to Franschoek around 65km’s away.

Plush comfort, superb handling and exhilarating performance made time stand still and before they could blink they found themselves gliding into their first stop which was the Franschoek Motor Museum.

This fascinating Museum offers a special opportunity to look back at more than 100 years of motoring history showcased in a unique collection of vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles and memorabilia in the magnificent setting of L'Ormarins Wine Farm. Over 220 vehicles ranging from an 1898 Beeston Motor Tricycle to a 2003 Ferrari Enzo Super Car are displayed in four de-humified halls. Derrick and Suzanne and their fellow travellers really appreciated this peaceful journey down memory lane.


Next stop was a visit to the Huguenot Chocolaterie in the main street of Franschhoek, where they enjoyed a tour of the facilities and a presentation on how handcrafted Belgian chocolates are made. The Chocolate Experience is a half-hour programme of tasting, demonstrations and chocolate history. 


After that very ‘sweet’ experience it was time for lunch at Reuben’s Restaurant run by Chef de Cuisine Reuben Riffel. This amazing locally-born and bred chef, who has become a household name both in South Africa and overseas, learned the basics of his trade under the brilliant, classical chef, Christoph Dehosse followed by a stint as sous chef under the Richard Carstens. From there Reuben’s never looked back and the rest is….history as they say.


Finally, having feasted on the sights, smells and culinary delights of Franschhoek the delightfully mellow group eased back into their elegant BMW’s and meandered back to Cape Town.


Certainly a day to remember….great car, great food and great company …but there’s no forgetting those magnificent Fairline Cruisers and Riviera Sport Fishers waiting enticingly at their moorings in Granger Bay. Call Boating World: (021) 418 0840 for more information.