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Seakeeper reduces boat roll by 70% - 90% with the push of a button.

Seakeeper is widely regarded as the world leader in anti-roll gyroscopic stabilizers. Whether at anchor or underway, Seakeeper provides enhanced comfort and safety for passengers by eliminating seasickness and uncomfortable boat roll.

Employing the physics of gyro-dynamics, Seakeeper’s stabilizer technology is suited to sailing and motorised yachts, superyachts and for the commercial marine industry.

With active motion control and advanced cooling technologies, the Seakeeper is highly effective over a wide range of sea conditions and vessel speeds, without the need for external appendages.

Requiring no through-hull cutting, units are small and lightweight, offering flexible installation options while consuming minimal power.

Accommodating boats of 27' and above, approximately 25% of Seakeeper units are retrofitted and can be installed virtually anywhere on board, providing boat owners new heights of luxury and performance.

Boating World distributes Seakeeper throughout Sub-Saharan Africa and exhibits regularly at international boat shows.


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