Paul Brindeau

Paul Brindeau handles boat sales and manages the service and support requirements for Boating World’s clients.

Paul completed his maritime studies in Granger Bay and the UK, achieving a SAMSA Deck Officer Unlimited certificate and he is a qualified Chief Officer for up to 3,000GT.  Paul has experience onboard a variety of vessels, having worked as a crew member on everything from bulk carries to anchor handling supply tugs and super yachts.

After matriculating, he worked in Hout Bay for four years skippering a 21 metre commercial ferry taking tourists to Seal Island. This is where he learnt his power boat handling skills but sailing remained his first love and he successfully competed in four Lipton Cups on an L26 as foredeck crew.

The fact that one can find complete privacy and isolation on the ocean is what draws Paul to the sea time and time again. He believes that if one has the financial means to invest in a boat that can take you away from the hustle and bustle then that is a lifestyle investment worth making. Paul is a vital member of the team and is on hand to ensure that all our client’s boats are running smoothly and that all their ocean dreams can become a reality.

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