Wayne Huddy

Wayne Huddy is the newest addition to the Boating World team. Whilst still a newbie to the industry, Wayne joins the company’s sales and support team, after 18 years working in similar fields in the mining and logistics industries.

Boating has always been a part of Wayne’s life in one way or another. Growing up in Johannesburg, Wayne spent most weekends attached to a rope on the back of his dad’s Bayliner, water-skiing on the Vaal Dam. When he was not out on the dam with his Dad, it was his uncle that was teaching him the skill of sailing. After his studies, Wayne travelled to the USA where he gained some crew experience working as a deck hand in Florida on 30ft to 50ft yachts for a year.

When Wayne’s not ‘on the water’, you will find him in it, catching a wave on his surf board.


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