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Suitable for the storage of mono-hull cruisers, ski boats, fishing boats, flybridge cruisers and catamarans, the Airberth boat lift system keeps your boat out of the water when not in use. Thus, working to minimize electrolysis and osmosis that affects boats over time.

Avoiding long-term immersion greatly increases the life of props and drives, gelcoat blisters on your hull and eliminates possible issues due to osmosis. By keeping your boat clear of the water means you don’t need to anti-foul, hence, much less maintenance is needed. In the end achieving lower maintenance costs whilst keeping your boat looking as good as new.

The Airbeth lift system is made of exceptionally durable high-density polyethylene plastic, resulting in no submerged metal parts. It only takes about three minutes to raise your boat out of the water for storage, to clean the hull and to do any repair work. The Airberth is easily transportable and is the perfect way to eliminate towing, launching, recovery and endless anti-fouling.

We highly recommend the Airberth for marina storage as it simply attaches to your mooring jetty, giving you instant access to your boat at any time. You are able to climb aboard or disembark with greatly improved stability.

Boating World distributes Airberth throughout Sub-Saharan Africa and regularly exhibits the system at international boat shows.

The Airberth is superb and after 1 year of use I had not one complaint or suggestion for improvement. I achieved the goal of effortlessly removing our Fountain Express daily from the harsh South African waters and massive wind here in Cape Town.

Three boating seasons later, I have only one additional remark. I now realize this excellent product is actually FREE and may have a negative cost to the owner. Maintenance on our boat has been reduced to almost zero whilst other boats of the same age are suffering. In four boating seasons in Cape Town we have not missed one day on the sea due to a mechanical issue and our boat continues to look 'as new'.

Great product... in fact, I demo the rig daily and am probably your best non-employed salesman.

Louis Dibrell of Cape Town, South Africa
M730 Air Berth with a 38 Fountain Express




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