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Not only is AirBerth easy to operate, it is also durable. High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) used in the manufacture of AirBerth is designed to last for 50 years. This heavy duty material is impervious to marine growth and the corrosive effects of salt water. HDPE is non-abrasive and non-marking to fibreglass hulls. IN fact, AirBerth is totally friendly to the marine environment.

Using the AirBerth Boat Lift will:

  • Enhance your boating lifestyle
  • Eliminate the need to anti-foul your boat
  • Minimise electrolysis and osmosis
  • Preserve the value of your boat

In addition, the AirBerth Boat Lift is designed for portability, as it is not hard mounted to the pontoon or the marina berth. It is also versatile and can be installed in any marina configuration. In normal circumstances, installation will take a few hours and requires no piling or construction to the site.

No longer will you have to worry about your prized possession deteriorating between uses. With the AirBerth Boat Lift, your boat will be ready for immediate use, prove more reliable and above all, preserve your boating investment.

The Airberth is superb and after 1 year of use I had not one complaint or suggestion for improvement. I achieved the goal of effortlessly removing our Fountain Express daily from the harsh South African waters and massive wind here in Cape Town.

Three boating seasons later, I have only one additional remark. I now realize this excellent product is actually FREE and may have a negative cost to the owner. Maintenance on our boat has been reduced to almost zero whilst other boats of the same age are suffering. In four boating seasons in Cape Town we have not missed one day on the sea due to a mechanical issue and our boat continues to look 'as new'.

Great product... in fact, I demo the rig daily and am probably your best non-employed salesman.

Louis Dibrell of Cape Town, South Africa
M730 Air Berth with a 38 Fountain Express


After a few attempts at trying to launch my boat at Richards Bay Ski-Boat Club, I decided there had to be an easier way to get the maximum benefit of fishing from my new boat! Getting the boat out of the storage facility based in Richards Bay, towing it to the club and launching it was very time consuming and stressful.

I didn’t always have someone to help me launch the boat and that also became a stumbling block so I began to do some research into the possibility of using a boat lift to moor my boat in the Richards Bay Harbour.

So, I final made the decision to purchase the AirBerth boat lift.

From my demonstration of the AirBerth the whole process has been an absolute pleasure.

Collin Stroberg
Owner Butt Cat 930 XL


These AirBerths will save you big bucks on maintenance — no more anti-fouling every two years and a lot less corrosion on your motors. You can wash your boat and flush your motors with freshwater and with no more trailers in the water, you save time in the mornings.

You simply get on the boat and go.

Trevor Harvey
Nel's Marine Richards Bay, South Africa




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