Co-ownership Listings

Owning a luxury yacht is often a desired asset, but not always a financially feasible one. Now with the co-ownership alternative, Boating World offers all the pleasures of a luxury yacht lifestyle without the large initial investment and the added benefit of sharing the running costs.

This means that a group of individuals jointly acquire a boat, with each one attaining part ownership. Each shareholder pays a monthly management fee for the maintenance and management of the yacht. The boat is then managed on behalf of the owners, which provides them with a cost effective, hassle-free, well-maintained and fun-filled investment.

The benefits of co-ownership include;

  • Dedicated Skipper
  • Dedicated Mooring
  • Fully managed and serviced
  • Shared monthly costs
  • Cost effective investment
  • Ideal for entertaining clients, family and friends

Co-Ownership Listings


Co-ownership boat enquiries

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