Boat Co-ownership

The luxury of owning a yacht is often a desired asset, but not always a financially lucrative one. But with alternative investment options like boat co-ownership, Boating World expands the opportunity for enthusiasts or first time buyers to tap into the lifestyle to get the more out of their investment.

What is Boat Co-Ownership

Owning a part share in a boat guarantees buyers the pleasures of the yachting lifestyle without having to make the sole initial investment, together with the added benefit of shared monthly running costs.

This means that a group of individuals can jointly acquire the boat of their choice, with each party attaining ownership for use at their own leisure. As shareholders, each party pays a monthly fee for the maintenance and management of the yacht, which Boating World oversees providing a cost effective, hassle-free, well-maintained fun-filled investment.

The Benefits of Boat Co-Ownership

No boating qualifications are needed to own a yacht in a co-ownership partnership, we take care of all the logistics and protect owners investment on their behalf.

Seasoned boat owners will affirm that boats need to be used frequently to stay healthy and maintain their longevity.

Benefits include;

  • Reduced capital outlay, with more value.
  • Shared use, all year round.
  • Flexible rotating schedules.
  • Shared monthly costs.
  • A fully managed, serviced, insured vessel.
  • Dedicated moorings.
  • Skippers, Stewards, Chefs, Deck hands available on request.
  • A cost effective lifestyle investment.

Motor-Yachts, Catamarans, Sailing Yachts or Mega Yachts

The choice is yours, whether it is to entertain clients or friends or to just to be able to spend quality time with the family. The boating lifestyle brings an abundance of opportunities for relaxation and rejuvenation.

From early morning fishing adventures to long summer days enjoying water-sports or late afternoon sunset cruises, it’s always a great time to be at sea. And, our African coastline is rich in marine life, which can be experienced all year round.

So heed the call for the open water and get in touch with us to find out more about embracing the majestic world of yacht co-ownership.

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