Jeanneau Sailing Sun Fast 3300

Jeanneau Sailing Sun Fast 3300

A bold racing boat, designed for success


Jeanneau Sailing Sun Fast 3300

The Jeanneau Sun Fast 3300 made its world premiere at the first ever Sun Fast World Cup in April 2019.

Designed by the naval architectural duo, ANDRIEU | VERDIER, and constructed entirely using an infusion moulding process, the Jeanneau Sun Fast 3300 benefits from exceptional rigidity, with a considerable weight reduction.

Due to its light, powerful hull, twin rudders and straight keel, the 3300 combines speed and stability in any sea conditions. Perfectly adapted to single-handed, double-handed or fully crewed racing, the Jeanneau Sun Fast 3300 will prove to be a tough competitor, whether racing inshore or offshore.

A modern, innovative hull: The double concave profile forward and aft offers a more balanced distribution of pressure. This reduces the overall drag, while minimising the wetted surface area. The inverted bow, in combination with tumblehome yields weight savings and notably lowers her centre of gravity, all while conserving her considerable strength.

An optimised keel: Her narrow keel without a bulb enhances the sailboat’s excellent performance by every measure. The sweep and consistent cord length reduce hydrodynamic pressure. The mixed iron/steel construction optimises the centre of gravity, the wetted surface area and offers greater stability.

A rig positioned aft: The shape of the hull, with the centre of buoyancy pushed further aft, requires a rig positioned aft and a significant rake. This position offers an increased sail area with a fat-head mainsail, resulting in superior aerodynamics. It also allows for a more radical angle of the forestay and easier sail handling.

A lighter deck plan: The staggered coachroof is lighter, enabling better visibility forward and toward the sails, as well as an optimal sheeting angle for the genoa. The 3-D transverse track facilitates sail trimming. Single-handed or with crew, sail handling is easy with an optimised, fully functional ergonomic cockpit designed around a single, centralized tiller.

Sailing World | 2020 Boat of the Year Winner

Manufacturer / Make
Sailing Sun Fast
10,49 m34’5’’
3,40 m11’2’’
1,95 m6’5’’
3,500 kg7,716 lbs
15 HP
Fuel Capacity
50 L13 US gal
Water Capacity
100 L26 US gal
Sleeping Capacity
4-6 people

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