Riviera Sport Yacht 3600

Every now and then a work of art or piece of design comes along that is more than an evolution of what came before – it is a quantum leap in thinking and execution. The Riviera Sport Yacht is such a leap. The vision for this new style of boat was inspired by decades of experience in markets as diverse as Australia, Europe and the USA. Riviera realised that today there was a need for a boat that was both solid and dignified in the tradition of our Flybridge Convertibles, yet spirited and contemporary in the
same vein as our Sport Cruisers. The result might best be described as a serious motor yacht with a refreshingly light and sporty side.

Starting from a blank canvas gave us the opportunity to address the needs of today’s boat owner like never before. Drawing on contemporary architecture, European car design, fashion, leading furniture design and other sources we have created a boat of impeccable style and one that is utterly modern.

Everything about the Sport Yacht is designed to  make life on the water easy, relaxed and fun. To dream of such a boat is one thing, to  create it is another. However, no one is better equipped to realise such a vision than Australia’s  most awarded pleasure boat builder, Riviera.  

A company with over 27 years boat building experience and owners of the largest pleasure boat building facility in the Southern Hemisphere. Harnessing the full weight of our design, technology and manufacturing resources to the  Sport Yacht project has produced a boat that has even exceeded our expectations. And since the  launch of this new range, the Riviera Sport Yacht  has received unprecedented praise from the international boating community.

If you are in search of a new boat that captures your heart and inspires your soul, your search is over.
Manufacturer / Make
Sport Yacht
11.73 metres38' 6
3.83 metres12' 7
1.00 metres3' 3
265 kW
Fuel Capacity
1,000 litres265 US gal.
Water Capacity
390 litres103 US gal.
Sleeping Capacity
4 persons

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