14 Jun 2013

Boating World is delighted to welcome Victor Skinner to their team in Cape Town as After Sales service and sales assistant. The enthusiastic boat and watersport lover will put his experience in the Super Yacht industry to good use - gaining even more knowledge and invaluable skill under the watchful eye of Derrick Levy and his proficient “big boat” crew.

Moving from Cape Town to the Bahamas at the age of 12 opened Victor’s life to a whole world of opportunity on the water. His first foray into wakeboarding took place here –soon to become a favourite pastime and his life-long passion for the sea started in this idyllic spot – as did a wanderlust and sense of adventure.

Moving back to South Africa at 16 and finishing school did not see Victor settling down and establishing roots – rather his taste for foreign shores welled up and he was off - returning to the Bahamas to work in the yachting industry.  London was the next port of call, where keeping the wolf from the door meant door-to-door selling – which, not surprisingly, soon lost its appeal.

Back to Cape Town to complete a BA degree in marketing and Victor was ready to tackle the world - from the bottom up! Like many young South Africans before him, he signed up as a deck hand on a Super Yacht in the Mediterranean, eventually working his way (through several yachts) up to first mate and relief captain.

 Next stop - the Caribbean - where several seasons gaining experience were followed by a move to the USA.  A couple of years working on boats ranging from 100ft – 250ft meant huge growth for Victor in both responsibility and expertise in big boat handling.

And so, well-armed and wiser, he arrived back in SA – and a meeting with Derrick led to his current position with Boating World. Now his time, energy and focus is being poured into looking after the fleet of beautiful craft the company manages for clients and working alongside Derrick on an enormous refurbishment project involving a magnificent 150-footer.

Victor’s knowledge, endless hours at sea in all types of conditions and working with the big boat master himself - will undoubtedly prove invaluable to Boating World’s discerning clients.