01 Dec 2010

Here are some handy hints on getting a great catch!

• Crayfish nets come made up with a bait mesh and a long rope attached to a buoy.

•Three sets of nets should be enough, but bare in mind they can get caught in rocks and get lost.

•Have a recognizable buoy attached to the nets, so you don’t confuse your nets with other Cray fishermen.

•Your Crayfish license must always be on the boat, write on the license each time you go out

•Always check areas where allowed to catch crayfish and dates and times

•Ask your local fish shop for bait, use fish heads and the oily Spanish sardines

•Put bait into the mesh bait holder supplied with the nets

•Smash bait with rock to attract crayfish, then put rock in net to weigh it down, before lowering the nets into the water

•Always lower nets in from Bow and don’t go too close to seaweed as the nets get caught in it

•Space out the drops of each of your nets.

•After about 15 minutes, Gaff around the buoy at the end of the rope attached to nets

•Pull nets in from the bow, take up slack as boat goes ahead until you are over the nets

•Then pull up as fast as possible making sure that the crayfish don’t spill out the net

•Wear Creef gloves when handling the Crayfish

•Measure Crayfish on board to make sure correct its the correct length

•Cut in half with a scissors and wash in salt water

•Steam in pot with 1 bottle white wine and equivalent in sea water……Delicious!!!

Now all you need is BOAT, our sales team would love to show whats on offer.

Contact Keith at The Fishing Specialist Tel 021-591 4240 for all gear requirements.

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