24 Mar 2014

While your boat may be safely secured at your moorings when not in use, be alert to an unexpected threat which could spoil your first outing back on the water. The longer the fuel is left standing, the greater the risk of it congealing and clogging your engine.

Not only is this a problem for ‘occasional’ boaters, regular users can fill up with perfectly clean diesel one day and on refueling the next day  find it’s contaminated – even using the same supplier. So why does this happen?

Boating World’s Derrick, Greg, Victor and Matt found out when they recently attended a training session on a nifty unit called Algae-X. This is what they learned about the fuel degradation process – and how this new unit is designed to reverse damaging agglomeration (congealing).

Did you know most engine failures start in the tank? Diesel engines take more fuel out of the tank than they use for combustion. The fuel is continuously recycled from the tank through filtration and separation to the engine but most of it goes straight back into the tank.

There are so many factors which affect fuel quality.  Chemistry changes take place during transportation, oxidation, heat and pressure of engines, pumps and injectors and if water enters the equation. Invisible particles gather together which causes filters to clog with sludge, damaging engine parts and causing unnecessary wear – necessitating frequent filter changes and tank cleaning.

On the other hand, fuel conditioners clean your total fuel system simply by running your engines. They protect your injection system and extend engine life. This is where Algae-X comes in.

They have developed an entire range of technologically advanced fuel conditioning products which can decontaminate and stabilize your diesel by reducing the size and mass of clusters of fuel molecules. By fitting an Algae-X unit into your fuel line, you’ll have a magnetized component working for you to revive your diesel, keeping it healthy and clean.

Look at these benefits:

  • More power, less smoke and soot
  • Cleans injectors, filters and tanks
  • Saves fuel and extends engine life
  • Lowers downtime and operating costs
  • Peak engine performance and reliability


The old adage is true – safety is better than cure!

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