26 May 2014

Planning, prospects and passion! Just some of many points to ponder as Boating World’s team went through the paces of intensive sales training recently.

Under the watchful eye of Sales Guru expert Billy, the group was skillfully guided through the art of selling with all its highs and lows. After accurately assessing their strengths and experience he enthusiastically added a stash of invaluable tips and tools to their sales armory.

It was all systems go over the two-day course which was filled with role playing, much laughter and loads of learning. How to overcome customers’ objections stuck in Greg’s mind while Jessica fully embraced the motto “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”!

Craig from Boating World’s Durban office was particularly taken with the generation “explanation”.   He appreciated how pitching needs to change when dealing with people from diverse eras. The Baby Boomers of 1945 – 1965 respond in a manner unique to that age, compared with the Generation X’s of the 80’s or the Y Generation of the 90’s to 2005.

Sales consultants have to be sensitive to these idiosyncrasies while assessing the personality traits, needs and expectations of each potential client. Being prepared and equipped is undoubtedly the key to sales success and the team set about gaining all they could from the training.

One of the most interesting sessions in the course covered the importance of prospecting and the vital role of social media and networking in today’s world. Derrick and the team also learned that keeping up-to-date and utilizing the vast technology resources available is another crucial weapon in the battle for sales success.

It goes without saying that Derrick and Suzanne responded highly favourably to being passionate in everything - from administrative excellence to understanding their clients and matching them with the boats of their dreams.  Their passion for boating, all water sport and particularly Boating World’s family of “big boat” lovers is always clearly evident.

Hours of concentration were broken with welcome tea breaks and the scrumptious buffet lunches provided by their venue hosts at the Cape Town Hotel and Conference Centre.

Jessica said this was one of the best courses she has ever attended and she came away highly motivated and even more determined to offer the best service possible in the industry.