31 Jul 2014

Try as he might, there’s no switching off for Boating World’s Greg Alice and he simply cannot get boats out of his mind!  Even when he’s on leave, Greg inevitably finds himself in or on top of the water as he indulges in watersports of various descriptions.  And no less true of his most recent overseas adventure.

He and seven friends took off for Greece and its beautiful surrounding islands for 12 days of fun, sun, sight- seeing and a good soaking in the Mediterranean Sea!

Then it was off to Mykonos where Greg felt right at home visiting the beautiful beaches and swimming in crystal clear waters. Hiring quad bikes meant the group could explore the whole island, finding popular spots and the more secluded areas. They enjoyed endless pita breads bursting with new flavours and mouthwatering fillings dripping with tzatziki. These were happily washed down with loads of local beverages.

Next stop was the island of Ios where they hired a boat with a private skipper who knew the area well and importantly, where to find the action. It was not long before they were leaping off cliffs (8 -15m high) into the sea and swimming in underwater caves.

Wakeboarding, wake surfing and waterskiing followed by snorkeling and cruising was well interspersed with more food and much needed refreshments.

All too soon the tired, happy travelers were winging their way home – but each determined to save for their next adventure beyond our borders. No doubt there’ll be more water involved with boats galore to keep them busy.

Before then, you’ll catch Greg showing off a fabulous Fairline cruiser or taking off to the deep with his clients on a luxurious Riviera Sport Fisher! Or you can go down and meet him at Boating World’s offices in Granger Bay. He’ll be only too happy to help you decide on your next big boat investment.