26 Aug 2014

Good news sure spreads fast and boaters around the country are sharing their excitement about the revolutionary Airberth Boat Lift system which is changing the way they do boating! Reports from importer Boating World also show growing interest from clients in Mozambique, Angola, Zimbabwe and even further into Africa.

A quick peek at popular resorts and marinas along the Cape and KZN coastlines reveals just how popular this versatile storage system really is. Among all the boats safely docked on their moorings you’ll suddenly find one that stands head and shoulders above the rest - literally!

This will be one of many fibre-glass friendly monohull or cat boats including skiboats, luxury Sport Fishers and even cruisers resting on an Airberth. Take a closer look next time you’re on the water in Durban, Richards Bay or Angola – or at Gordons Bay or Hout Bay marinas, Mossel Bay, Vaal Dam and even on the Vaal River - once you’ve clapped eyes on this system you’ll be a convert too.

Boating World Durban’s sales consultant Craig Oostingh recently assembled one of the biggest units on KZN’s east coast. This unit holds a 35’ Ge Cat a skiboat weighing over six tonnes and is moored at the commercial moorings in Durban harbour.

Casting an approving eye during the assembly process was Airberth’s Business Development Manager (Europe and Africa) Jurgen Konig who was here from Australia at the time. Jurgen’s knowledge and experience again proved his prowess in ensuring that Airberth Lifts have become a “must have” item among boaters everywhere.

After all what better solution could there be for storing your boat next to a jetty or even in open water when it takes only three minutes to lift it up into the air!? This is how it works. As a supply of air comes into to the main buoyancy chambers (via a portable control box connected with hoses), water is pumped out through the tail pipes and “voila” – the unit starts lifting up its boat load (up to15000kg). 

T here’s no need for trailering or a crane to access your hull - what a win when it comes to cleaning, maintenance or repairs and endless antii-fouling becomes a thing of the past. The cost savings are enormous!

In addition, it’s so easy to climb aboard or disembark thanks to the greatly improved stability. When you’re ready to go all you do is release the sealing caps of the tail pipes using the rope pull - and the chambers are flooded to lower the boat into the water. 

Louis Dibrell of Cape Town is a fan! "The Airberth is superb and after one year of use I had not one complaint or suggestion for improvement. I achieved the goal of effortlessly removing our Fountain Express daily from the harsh South African waters and massive wind here in Cape Town.

Three boating seasons later, I have only one additional remark. I now realize this excellent product is actually FREE and may have a negative cost to the owner. Maintenance on our boat has been reduced to almost zero while other boats of the same age are suffering. In four boating seasons in Cape Town we have not missed one day on the sea due to a mechanical issue and our boat continues to look 'as new'.”