07 Jan 2015

“Gosh she’s absolutely gorgeous and every bit the head-turner we expected her to be”!

This was the incredulous reaction of all those lucky enough to spot the luxurious Fairline Targa 48 languishing on her moorings outside the One& Only Hotel in Cape Town recently.

From the first moment of her debut launch which took place in a three-day whirl of celebration - this magnificent craft was an instant hit. Not entirely surprising, as the meticulous Boating World team spent days getting her acclimatized after her long sea voyage from Oundle (near London) - ahead of her special African introduction. 

Regally resting in the shadow of the majestic Table Mountain and looking every bit a part of her sumptuous surroundings, the Fairline 48 soon became the talk of the town. Big Boat aficionadas revelled in the opportunity to spend exclusive moments onboard, drinking in her stunning features and unique attributes.

Even the weather obliged with the sun shining brightly in approval and adding more sparkle to this dazzling craft. Around 20 guests were welcomed on board each day by Boating World’s immaculately turned out team.

Guests were given detailed information packs before the sales consultants gave them a personal tour of this impressive Sport Cruiser.  Mind you this was not a difficult task considering the 48 Open speaks for herself!

Immediately obvious is her sporty yet free-flowing Mediterranean style! This sun-loving look-feel coupled with spacious elegance is a huge attraction for those who have entertainment on top of their wish list. At least 12 - 15 people can be comfortably accommodated on day trips. 

Everyone admired her wide-open cockpit which is a wonderfully sociable spot and this was where guests relaxed and enjoyed a tasty spread of snacks, canapé’s and drinks.

Even though viewing went on late into the afternoon - just the right amount of shade was made available thanks to the retractable canvas cockpit cover which stretches right over the sunpad at the rear.  Of course the sunbed attracted loads of attention and many guests indulged in a “test-run” lie down!

Throughout the tours comments could be heard regarding the Fairline 48’s noticeable height above the water (4.60m) which is gives fantastic views to both passengers and the pilot. It’s this height which also gives the fabulous headroom downstairs on the lower deck.

Averaging around 6’4” in both the two cabins and even in the sumptuous en-suite shower compartments you don’t have to bend – not even a little! Visitors could also not resist trying out the full length berths and noting that she sleeps six!

Members of the press were particularly impressed to learn that this is the first Fairline intentionally designed to complement the Volvo Penta’s IPS drives with joystick control. Her powerful twin 600 Diesel engines (capable of 435mhp each) easily barrel along at a combined top speed of around 32 knots.

Some lucky guests even got a ride on the sporty 100hp Williams Jet RIB 285 tender.  Greg was only too happy to oblige and showed them exactly what this nifty ride could really do – opening up to quite a pace.

Idling back to the Fairline 48 he also demonstrated how simple it is to park in the built-in garage which has hydraulic hinges to lift the door!

An exciting moment for the Boating World crew and guests was when Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins, wandered down from the hotel for a closer look.

He spent some time inspecting the boat and enjoying some refreshments on board.

This may be the first but it certainly won’t be the last Fairline Targa 48 to grace our shores and we look forward to more arrivals in future.