13 Mar 2015

Clifton’s 4th Beach totally rocked with ‘Freshly Ground’ at this year’s Moonstruck concert recently and Boating World was right there to hit the high notes with Capetonian music lovers!

An excited party of enthusiasts joined Derrick and Suzanne at Granger Bay Yacht Club for a delightful precursor to this festive evening – a veritable feast of wine, Sushi and a braai to set the tone.

Meanwhile skipper Alwyn Coetzee had a luxurious cruiser stocked up and ready to go and soon it was time to set off on a relaxing cruise along the coast. On reaching the popular beach they joined several boats at anchor just offshore.

From this fabulous vantage point they could clearly see hundreds of music lovers enjoying their picnics together – the air virtually vibrating with anticipation.

Concert-goers could barely contain their excitement and there was a huge roar of approval as the band’s first sounds pierced the night air and reverberated across the sea.

Immediately the beach was transformed into an open-air dance floor and excited revelers moved as one under the canopy of stars above.

The stage with a giant screen and lighting ensured that everyone had a good view and the high tech speakers projected every sound far and wide.

Boating World’s party were soon on their feet - revelling in the fiesta-like atmosphere – and all the boats “danced” along in the sea!

It was a heady experience indeed - to be aboard a luxury cruiser on the water under a starlit sky - sipping Moet and swaying to the sounds of memorable music.

Twinkling lights lit up the beach as the crowd enthusiastically waved glow sticks in time to the music -bought in support of the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI).

All too soon it was time to leave and the Boating World party reluctantly returned home - with the sound of music and hundreds of voices …..fading away in the distance.

Back in the sheltered waters of Granger Bay marina, the party continued on into the night! Another “Moonstruck” evening to remember!