30 Mar 2011

From the minute he took delivery of his magnificent Riviera 3350 just over three years ago, Peter Sternberg has been blown away by the fantastic after sales service he has had from Boating World.

Whether at home in Cape Town or travelling overseas Peter knows that his outfit will be cared for –making his boating experience an absolute pleasure.  “I travel overseas quite a lot and even when I am away I know I don’t have to worry about my boat.  Boating World makes it their business to check if anything needs to be done from securing my Riviera properly in bad weather to general maintenance and repairs if necessary. I have been amazed at the superior customer care. Mike Wade is fantastic at going over my boat and if anything is wrong he makes sure Derrick and Suzanne know - so parts can be ordered and everything just gets done with no effort on my part. When my anchor motor packed up the right part was found and Mike even installed it. Talk about good service – this is hard to beat!”

Being moored at Water Club in Granger Bay (home to Boating World’s offices) makes it easy for the team to prepare Peter’s boat for outings and attend to any needs – so he and his friends can simply climb aboard and enjoy their leisure time.

 Peter says one of his favourite destinations is right around the corner at Clifton –where he and his guests park offshore or in the Bay. “It is the perfect spot in which to spend a lazy summer’s day, on board the Riviera 3350 (aptly named “Symphony” with its harmoniously soothing appeal) -  having a braai surrounded by spectacular views and the calming sound of water all around.”

He went on to say that Cape Town’s coast has so many delightful places to visit with protected bays to discover –  absolutely ideal for day trips.  These include Sandy Bay and further afield around Robben Island. The Riviera 3350 is the perfect craft for more adventurous outings and cruising to Dassen Island is also a firm favourite. Peter and his friends enjoy swimming snorkeling and crayfishing of course – which sadly he says has been seriously limited.

Traditionally the crayfishing season lasts from November to April but over harvesting has resulted in severe restrictions.  In November 2010 crayfishing was allowed for two weeks every day and the only over weekends until the end of December and then it was stopped and will only be allowed again over Easter.

His Riviera 3350 is ideally suited to longer distance travel even along our rugged coastline. Comfortably accommodating four people overnight she has cruised the Cape coast right up to Saldanha Bay and Langebaan. “This is a great holiday spot and the last time we were there we moored next to a house boat – there are a number of them available for rent - so taking more people is an option for overnighting especially over a long weekend.” He says.

They have also enjoyed numerous Tunny fishing outings off Cape Point.

Peter is absolutely sold on owning a boat in Cape Town as he believes it is one of the best ways to get away from it all and relax with some of the best destinations around. “And having Boating World behind the scenes covering every possibility gives me absolute peace of mind.