Winter Boating Experiences in Cape Town

31 May 2016

Waking up in Cape Town this weekend one would have said that going out to sea would have been a rather bad idea, as there was thick mist that engulfed the peninsula. But after only a few hours the mist had cleared and revealed what our sales team can now confirm was perfect winter boating conditions. So despite of what looked like a weekend for the couch and TV, it actually turned into an enjoyable boating weekend.

Nic Strydom headed out on Saturday and shared this story of his adventure. “We went out on Saturday afternoon around three o'clock. The mist had covered the marina completely only 30 minutes earlier, but opened up to a beautiful day allowing us a clear passage over to Robben Island. We had a clear skies with calm waters all the way across to the island, perfect boating weather in Cape Town and one may have been forgiven for forgetting that winter was approaching.

As we came close to the island we could see the beautiful old houses that enjoy the magnificent view of Table Mountain and we were delighted to share their view from our boat. For a short while we reminisced about how it would be to dock in the marina and walk around on the island.

One of our guests on-board remembered his days living on the island as a young boy and shared his story with us. He had made hundreds of these trips to get to school on the mainland and then back home for the weekend. As the sun started to go down behind the island we started the return of journey to Granger bay. As we came back we were met by a few of the charter boats that had brought their guests out to share the breath-taking sight of the sun sinking into the Atlantic.”  

Ryan Avery had a slightly earlier start on Sunday and shared this story of his experience. “Waking up on Sunday morning, we had to think twice about going out on our boat trip. The mist was so dense that you almost couldn't see your hand in front of your face, but we were determined to show our guests from Mauritius how Cape Town boating compares to the rest of the world, even in winter! It was not long before the mist burned away and Cape Town came through with flair, so we decided to take our trip around to Clifton as we had planned.

The way over offered a stunning view of Mouille Point light house and the rest of Seapoint with calm waters and clear skies accompanying us all the way. Once we arrived at Clifton we dropped anchor about 100m from the beach and settled into our discussion on the merits of boating in Cape Town. It was not long before jackets were no longer needed and would be forgotten for the rest of the day as the sun came out to warm us. We left Clifton feeling inspired by the work that had gone into the beautiful hanging mansions of Clifton.

Coming back into Granger Bay, we were greeted by some of the sailing boats that had come out to play in the light winter's breeze. What an amazing day out in Cape Town!”

Why not contact our sales team about our winter specials, because its always a great day to go boating!