26 May 2011

Boating International hosted a most successful Malibu Day at River Beach Club on the Vaal River on Sunday April 10 2011 and 60 enthusiastic participants poured in to enjoy the good weather and test out the latest models available.

The Boating International team showed off the exciting and unique features of the new 2011 Malibu Sunscape 21LSV, 23 and 247 LSV’s and the LXI Response for waterskiers and the 21 VLX Wakesetters. And Malibu lovers were not disappointed to see these spectacular new boats first hand and experience their awesome power for themselves.

Families and friends were treated to boat rides, skiing, wakeboarding and the kids had loads of fun tubing. Some of the brave at heart attempted the new sport of wake surfing – an interesting version of surfing behind a boat!

To start off the surfer gets up onto the wave (the wake from the boat mimics the look and feel of an actual ocean wave.) using a tow rope and a very short board. The rope then gets dropped and the wake surfer rides the steep face below the wave's peak and can keep going for miles.

 It is important to note that inboard waterski or wakeboard boats are the only safe choice for this sport as the prop is under the boat and cannot make contact with the rider.

New Malibu VLX Wakesetter owner Kyle Holzhausen from Liquid Force was there together with Masters Wakeboard champion Justin Selby and they spent much time on the water with wake boarders and helping beginners learn to wake surf and have a good time.

Everyone enjoyed the lamb-on-spit and refreshing drinks at lunchtime – taking time to relax before a whole afternoon of watersport fun. Those less physically inclined simply carried on with the serious business of more relaxing!

A great day was had by all and Malibu enthusiasts are looking forward to the next day of fun in the sun.