Boat co-ownership bringing down the prices of yachts

30 Nov 2018

Boat co-ownership is not for everyone, but it is a great way to afford a really nice boat, as well as having the piece of mind that your boat is being well maintained on your behalf.

The primary advantage of boat co-ownership is financial, especially in today’s economy.  For most buyers even if they can afford a whole yacht, it’s hard to squeeze the value to justify the expense. Co-ownership opens up an alternative that makes sense!

The average boat owner will attain to the fact that they don’t use their vessel as often as they could. Savvy investors see boat co-ownership as the lucrative alternative to still enjoy the luxury lifestyle a yacht offers without incurring the sometimes-hefty costs associated with being the sole owner.

At Boating World, we make this lifestyle more accessible with available co-ownership offerings starting at R1 500 000 for a 25% share.  Boats are fully managed and maintained by Boating World on behalf of the owners. The benefit of Boating World’s partnerships is that owners can enjoy a full time skipper and hostess to attend to your guests every requirement. All you need to do is hop on and appreciate the pleasures of the yachting lifestyle.

Owners equally share the boats monthly running costs, which include things like mooring, maintenance, insurance, skipper and management fees, all of which are defined in the co-ownership agreement.

Four is the maximum number of owners Boating World encourages in a partnership. This guarantee’s adequate flexibility for all parties in the high and low seasons and allows the owners the ability to get maximum use of the boat.

Boat usage schedules are agreed upon amongst the owners upfront, but its not uncommon for owners to pass on their scheduled times if they are travelling or unavailable during their allocated period. So generally everyone gets more access to the boat than what is contractually agreed upon.

Boating World takes great care in matching co-owners with complimentary requirements, combining owners of different ages and interests to each other, which often results in successful partnerships that last the longest. But, should an owner decide to sell out at any stage, each co-owner has the first right of refusal to purchase the share before it is sold out of the partnership.

Boat co-ownership is a proven means of introducing new people to boating as it gives new owners access to premium quality yachts, which might otherwise be out of their reach. First time boat owners are safe buying into a partnership agreement that protects their asset through the Boating World management agreement, so they can focus on the pleasure of the yachting lifestyle. Owners never need to be to be too concerned about the maintenance requirements of keeping their boat in perfect condition at all times.

As a buyer, once you become comfortable with the idea of sharing a boat, you are well on your way to enjoying years of boating pleasure with less expense.

And best of all, the boat will be ‘happier’ and run smoother over the years if it is utilised more often.

At Boating World we currently have co-ownership shares are available in the following luxury boats.

Azimut 50 Flybridge  (25% Share) 

Azimut 60 Flybridge (25% Share)

If you think co-ownership is suitable to your lifestyle, get in touch with us for more information on our available boat co-ownership offerings.

Perhaps you have a boat you are interested in purchasing in a co-ownership partnership, talk to us, we can help.