Why you need an AirBerth boat lift storage system

13 Feb 2018

You would prefer to keep your car parked in a garage, so why don’t you show your boat – your pride and joy – the same respect? Keeping your boat out of the water when not in use is essential to maintaining the condition and extending the lifespan of your vessel. And that is where investing in an AirBerth is a decision worth making, says the African agent for the brand, Boating World.

The AirBerth boat lift storage system attaches to your mooring jetty and lifts your boat clear out of the water to avoid long time immersion in the ocean. Working to minimize the affects of electrolysis and osmosis that causes gel coat blistering, the AirBerth helps to maintain the condition and lifespan of your vessel. This innovative system also comes in a wide variety of sizes, making it suitable for a range of vessels, from fishing vessels to catamarans, mono hull cruisers and ski boats.

Collin Stroberg, a proud Boating World customer and owner of a Butt Cat 930 XL, describes why he decided to invest in an AirBerth, “After a few attempts at trying to launch my boat at Richards Bay Ski Boat Club, I decided that there had to be an easier way to get the maximum benefit of fishing from my new boat! Getting the boat out of the storage facility based in Richards Bay, towing it to the club and launching it was very time consuming and stressful. Not always having anyone to help me launch the boat also became a stumbling block and I began to do some research into the possibility of using a boat lift to moor my boat in the Richards Bay Harbour. Having given a great deal of thought to my options, I made the final decision to purchase

the AirBerth boat lift. From my first contact with Wayne Barthus, of Boating World, to the final commissioning and demonstration of the AirBerth was an absolute pleasure! Not only was the entire transaction professionally managed but Wayne and his family all came out on a Sunday to commission the AirBerth and ensure that I was totally satisfied and comfortable with the operation of the Air Berth.”

Louise Dibrell, another Boating World customer and owner of a M730 AirBerth for his 38 Fountain Express agrees, “The AirBerth is superb and I have not one complaint or suggestion for improvement. I have achieved the goal of effortlessly removing our Fountain Express daily from the South African waters and massive wind here in Cape Town.”

That is because AirBerth makes storing your vessel at your favourite marina a hassle free experience where you can forget about the costs of towing, launching and recovery. Extremely easy to use, the AirBerth can be operated by anyone with minimal effort. Simply drive your boat onto the submerged AirBerth, secure your vessel with ropes, attach the hoses from the portable blower box which commences the displacement of water from the primary floats, and in less than three minutes the AirBerth will take shape, rising to lift the hull of your vessel out of the water. Your boat is now stored safely and you can enjoy climbing on and off with improved stability.

“It now takes me approximately 15 minutes to lower the boat into the water, load it and set out to make the most of a day out at sea. Being such a quick and easy system to use, I often leave the harbour feeling as though I may have forgotten to do something! Mooring the boat on our return is just as simple and stress-free. I now get to enjoy my boat more frequently and can manage it all with a lot less help than previously. My AirBerth has been a great investment into my arsenal of fishing gear and has certainly been worth the money spent!” says a very happy Stroberg.

By avoiding extended contact between the metal parts of your boat and the salt water, you also help to greatly increase the life of your props and drives. By keeping your boat clear of the water you can also save the time, energy and money that goes into anti fouling a vessel and maintaining this, keeping your boat looking as good as new with minimal effort.

Trevor Harvey of Nel’s Marine in Richards Bay says, “These AirBerths will save you big bucks on maintenance. No more antifouling every two years and a lot less corrosion on your motors. You can wash your boat and flush your motors with fresh water and with no more trailers in the water, you save time in the mornings. You get on the boat and go.”

After four years of owning an AirBerth, Dibrell agrees, “I now realise this product is actually free and may have a negative cost to the owner. Maintenance on our boat has been reduced to almost zero whilst other boats of the same age are suffering. In four boating seasons in Cape Town we have not missed one day on the sea due to mechanical issues and our boat continues to look as new. Great product.”

And unlike other similar products on the market, the AirBerth system is made from long-lasting, highly durable high density polyethylene plastic, that is built to withstand the harsh conditions that Africa’s coastline is known for. “I have installed a lot of docking systems and boat lifts. The AirBerth is still the best by far. It is the best quality, requires almost zero maintenance, it’s easy to use and fool proof. You get what you pay for. Pay a bit more and get the best,” says Harvey.

Boating World is the African agents for the AirBerth boat lifts and can distribute and install these products throughout sub-Saharan Africa.