Vast, Fast and Furious: Sunreef Yachts 40 Open Power

19 Apr 2018

For once, we decided to keep the press release definition used for the launch of a boat: because those three words (vast, fast and furious) are to us a good synthesis of the features of Sunreef Yachts 40 Open Sunreef Power.

Vast it is indeed, thanks to the double hull construction, which provides a beam of over 5 meters. And it sure is fast, with a maximum power available of 2200 HP for a cruising speed comfortably estimated in 35 knots.

As for the “furious” eponymous, although it may seem a little strong, we reckon it can fit to the Hydrofoil version (available some months after the planning one): Sunreef Yachts 40 Open Sunreef Power H will count on foils to completely get off the water and cruise like an America’s Cup boat, reaching speeds of over 60 knots.

Beside this technical premiere, the main innovation of Sunreef 40 Open Sunreef Power is the choice to apply a multihull design to a day cruiser, which allows for the gain of a massive living space and extreme stability at high speeds. Thus naturally balanced, the 40 Open Sunreef Power doesn’t require stabilizing systems and provides a fast and safe navigation.

Sunreef 40 Open Sunreef Power is equipped with inboard propulsion ranging from 2×425 HP to 2×1100 HP, while the hydrofoil 40 Open Sunreef Power H has the chance to install even a quadruple outboard solution delivering 4×400 HP. The retractable hydrofoil system implemented lifts the boat above the water when cruising above 25kts. As a result, the 40 Open Sunreef Power H can glide above the waves to reach speeds up to 60kts in foil borne mode. With the drag reduced to a minimum, the boat also benefits from low fuel consumption and long range.

Sunreef Yachts presented the first open foiling catamaran concept in 2014 during the Cannes Yachting Festival. Since that time, company’s engineers and designers have been developing the concept up to this result, where passengers can feel comfortable while experiencing a cruise combining gliding on water and flying through air.

Sunreef 40 Open Sunreef Power offers a high level of on-board comfort: two lateral aft folding platforms enhance the living space of the catamaran, creating a huge space at sea level to better enjoy relax and water sports. Again, the volume below the aft sun pad conceals a huge lazarette to store water toys and diving gear. The helm, fitted with sporty seats, is equipped with a touchscreen to manage all the boat’s systems.

The bow-placed dining area uses the whole beam of the boat, featuring adjustable tables and plenty of seating. Upon customization, this part of the deck can be turned into a comfortable cabin perfect for overnight trips. Large volumes are also available below decks (the plural is perfect in this case…), with the hulls housing a bathroom and an additional bedroom.

As customary with Sunreef, the clients’ needs are relevant in terms of choices: audio-video systems, technology equipment, upholstery and even the layout are all aspects that can be tailored to owner’s wishes.

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Article Original Published by Boat Mag International

The Sunreef 40 Open Power is the 2018 Asia Boat of the Year winner in the category - Best Recreational Boat (upto 45ft).