Yacht Co-Ownership partner praises Boating World Management Team

06 Jan 2020

Derrick Levy and the Boating World team certainly put the fun back into boating for us. Having been a boat owner for the last 5 years, I have had the opportunity to experience both being a single boat owner and skipper, as well as participating in Boating World's shared boat ownership option, owning a share in 'La Vie', a 2019 Fairline Squadron 53

I can confidently recommend the shared ownership scheme Boating World offers. Apart from taking the schlepp out of owning a boat and all the administration and management obligations that come with it, Boating World’s competent skippers make boating a fun experience for the owner again. No more stressful days of docking in windy conditions, watching over people’s safety, and those pesky radio calls.

You just sit on the aft deck, enjoying a gin and tonic with your guests while someone else does the worrying on his behalf. This is what boating should be like – the team make you feel like a Greek Tycoon on your own luxury yacht in Cape Town, nothing is too much trouble!

Another aspect I’d like to point out is how Boating World has made it possible to own a luxury boat without breaking the bank. Boating World’s shared ownership scheme means a person can enjoy being a luxury yacht owner for the price of a sports car.

And with the ease with which Boating World provides the management of the ownership, it opens a world of fun on Cape Town’s waters to people who would never have considered this lifestyle.

That is exactly what you've provided me and my family: a lifestyle, not just owning a boat.

Thank you, Boating World, you guys are tops and thank you for the friendly and hospitable manner in which you have managed my boat ownership during the last few years.

We depart local shores bittersweet, but when we are settled again and it is time to revive our boating adventures, Derrick you will be the first person I’ll be calling, knowing you even operate in foreign countries is a great benefit!

*Owners personal information omitted to respect his privacy.

Given that many yachts spend significant periods of time unused on their mooring, recreational boaters are seeing the benefits of joint co-ownership partnerships to get them on the water.  This is where a group of friends (or strangers for that matter) wish to buy a boat together to co-own, each owning a distinct legal share with a usage agreement.

Boating World offers a fully managed service and has array of luxury yachts available and we regularly add new models to our co-ownership portfolio.