How high-tech yachts have gone green

29 Jun 2020

If you love high-tech solutions, high-performance materials and plenty of living space, you’re bound to become a fan of the Azimut Yachts S Collection.

This super-sporty collection epitomises Azimut’s passion for delivering cutting-edge solutions and environmentally-friendly technology.

The ample use of carbon fibre and an advanced propulsion system are a match made in heaven for the Azimut S line. The lightness of the fibre carbon creates a less weighty superstructure that allows for generous liveable space whilst the Volvo triple-propulsion IPS with its easy handling and outstanding responsiveness delivers sheer joy for the pilot.

Best of all, great performance doesn’t come at the cost of the environment. Painstaking research has gone into designing a hull that, together with the combination of carbon fibre and the triple Volvo IPS propulsion, delivers peak fuel consumption efficiencies of over 20%.

Discover how the most technologically advanced sport yachts on the market reduce fuel consumption and increase onboard space.

Enjoy the video to find out more.