2020 World Yachts Trophies Winners

22 Sep 2020

The spotlight was on Azimut|Benetti Group at the annual event held to award the Oscars of the yachting world. At the ceremony, organised in Cannes on September 12, the Italian shipyard swept the field, winning a remarkable five prizes in the five different categories it competed in, including the most sought-after award of Yacht of the Year award presented to Benetti’s hybrid Giga yacht Luminosity.

The nineteenth World Yachts Trophies organised by leading industry magazine Yachts France proved to be a memorable evening for Azimut|Benetti Group. The highly qualified jury of journalists and key industry figures awarded a total of five prizes to five different yachts, three built by Benetti - the description-defying giga yacht Luminosity, the innovative Oasis 40M and the impressive Diamond 145 - and two by Azimut Yachts - the artistic Magellano 25 Metri and the nimble Verve 47, a sporty 14-meter open.

Group CEO Marco Valle stressed that “being able to send five new and such different models to the same competition is in itself a record, but winning with all five of them is factual evidence of the unparalleled flexibility and very highest quality of our Group’s production and also of our capability of cover almost all the categories in the luxury motor yachting. I’m very pleased, this is a good sign to start my new job as Group CEO.”

The most important prize was awarded to the most prestigious yacht. In the 82 meter and over category, Benetti’s hybrid giga yacht Luminosity won the “Trophée du yacht de l’année” (Yacht of the Year).

Luminosity is over 100 meters of pure beauty and what can only be described as a glass palace that glides over the water. The exteriors of the giga yacht are a joint project by Zaniz Jakubowski, Andrew Langton and Giorgio M. Cassetta, while the interiors are entirely the work of Zaniz Jakubowski. With 800 square meters of glazing surrounding the Main Deck and three-meter high windows, the yacht conveys an unrivaled sensation of being suspended over the water. Luminosity is also packed with technology. The standout feature in a long list of remarkable technical specifications is the special propulsion system consisting of six generators, each rated about 1,000 KW, that support all onboard services and two Azipod of 2.200 KW each, making this giga yacht the world’s largest hybrid pleasure craft.

Leading Luminosity designer Zaniz Jakubowski said: “I would like to thank the World Yachts Trophies for this incredible honour, particularly given the extraordinary strength of the field this year. As the designer of Luminosity I feel humble, and at the same time incredibly proud too. Working on the design of Luminosity from inception has been a wonderful journey, seamlessly joining both the exterior and interior in a yacht that was designed from the inside out that pushed boundaries both in its design and technical achievements. I would like to pay tribute to the enormous contributions made by everyone that worked on Luminosity and sincerely thank them, from my dedicated team at Zaniz Ltd, the Burgess New Build team, all the wonderful contractors and especially to all the people at Benetti that worked on this project as without them, none of this would have been possible.”

Turning to Azimut Yachts, in the 24-to-30-meter category, the “Trophée de l’Innovation” (Innovation Award) could only have been won by Azimut Yachts’ Magellano 25 Metri, a masterpiece created in collaboration with Vincenzo De Cotiis, the world famous artist and architect who offers his own personal take on the boat’s interiors, framed inside the elegant and refined exteriors by Ken Freivokh.

With this yacht, De Cotiis wanted to leave the classic approach behind and create a work of art in its own right, going beyond the idea of the yacht as simply a container for beauty. The artist, a leading proponent of collectable art, shares with Azimut an interest in fiberglass, one of the shipyard’s best-loved and most widely used construction materials. De Cotiis used a special type of resin and an elaborate artisanal process involving multiple layers and bronze powder to create parchment coloured surfaces with a cloud effect, enhanced with inclusions like those typically found in certain precious stones. Another reason why Azimut Magellano received the award is the use of high-performance technology to equip the yacht with an air sanitizing system based on a NASA patent and the Hotel Mode function for long periods spent at anchor with zero emissions.

The Oasis 40M was awarded the “Trophée des amenagements” (Best Layout) in the 30-to-50-meter category. Another winner in this category was the Benetti Diamond, which received the “Trophée de l’innovation” (Innovation Award).

Oasis 40M, the new model that launches Benetti’s new Oasis product line, designed in collaboration by Benetti, UK firm RWD and the New York-based Bonetti/Kozerski, stands out for its use of solutions that amplify the sensation of being in contact with the water. The beach area is truly spectacular, with an infinity pool just a step away from the sea’s surface. The interiors featuring high ceilings and an unusual layout are designed so that natural light can filter through from multiple directions, highlighting the desire to create a symbiotic relationship with the environment outside.

The winner of the “Trophée de l’innovation” (30-50 m category), Benetti Diamond 145, is a 44-meter displacement yacht that epitomises solidity and power, representing a stylistic leap forward for Benetti’s Class category: the clean, flowing exterior lines, designed by Giorgio M. Cassetta, hide the proportions of a big ship. The high hull sides and very long reverse sheer line conjure up images of long cruises in total safety, while the sculpted superstructural masses give the whole a refined and dynamic style. A close focus on optimising space underpins the arrangement of the settings and the overall layout.

The Group also received a prize in the segment for smaller boats, with the award of the “Trophée du design extérieur” (Best Exterior Design) in its category to Azimut Verve 47. Competing in the 13.70-to-19.50-meter category, Veuve 47 by Azimut Yachts is designed to establish a strong bond with the sea.

Designed by Francesco Struglia, the yacht’s standout feature is the helm station with big side windows that give the driver an unequalled field of view and establish close contact with the outside world, introducing an appealing design feature that tips its hat to certain super sports car projects. The bow styling incorporates the lines of offshore racing boats, while the glazed surfaces in the hull extend upwards into the gunwale, creating a profound sense of being at one with the sea. A decisive factor in the success of this yacht is the stepped hull with deep V and central stern tunnel (SVVT - Stepped ‘V’ Ventilated Tunnel) designed and patented by famous American designer Michael Peters, an authority on fast hulls.