The Azimut Grande Trideck: A Revolutionary Superyacht

20 Jun 2021

Azimut Yachts enters the world of triple-deckers with a revolutionary superyacht: The Grande 38 Trideck, three decks + One. 

+ One, because of the extra aft deck in addition to the three traditional ones, completing a visual effect of cascading terraces from the top of the Sundeck down to the sea. The Azimut Grande Trideck upsets the traditional subdivision of spaces, proposing an innovative and modern layout in her 38 meters, carrying the spirit of the brand forward.

Designed for a contemporary owner, looking for a context for conviviality in constant contact with the marine environment, the new Trideck has been designed in the name of flexibility. She was conceived on staggered decks to offer an unprecedented interpretation of the environments onboard, even inventing all-new spaces.

The superyacht project was carried out by a tested team, consisting of the designers Alberto Mancini for the exteriors, Achille Salvagni for the interiors and Pierluigi Ausonio for the hull.

At 38.2 meters long and 7.9 meters wide, the Azimut Trideck is not only the new flagship of Azimut Yachts, it is the largest boat ever built by the shipyard.

The Trideck proposes a revolutionary layout, both indoors and outdoors, to create new spaces more congenial to the demands of today’s luxury yacht ownership, increasingly inclined to a less formal lifestyle onboard and closer contact with the sea.

The Trideck was born from the shipyard's close collaboration with Alberto Mancini, who penned the exterior design, Achille Salvagni, who took care of the interiors, and Pierluigi Ausonio, who worked with the Azimut Benetti Research and Development Department on the naval architecture.

The Trideck has three decks + One, offering a new space, an extra deck at the stern that fits among the traditional ones. It is the Sea View Terrace, a floating aft deck of 30 square meters that seems to remain suspended in the air, two meters above the water. With + One, Mancini returns to work on the concept of staggered decks to give new and large volumes while maintaining the dynamism of the lines and spaces typical of Azimut Yachts.

In addition to the Sea View Terrace, the other spaces overlooking the sea are: the sunbathing area on the Sundeck; the main outdoor dining area on the Upper Deck; and the Beach Area. The lowest two lounges on the sea renegotiate the relationship with the water and offer over a combined 60 square meters of terraces open to the sea. The inclusion of the Sea View Terrace offers the advantage of creating the Private Patio, an additional outdoor sheltered area before entering in the salon, for maximum intimacy even when moored stern-to.

Salvagni reimagines the use of interior spaces, which leave behind the traditional subdivisions to accommodate a more natural way of experiencing life onboard. The style is streamlined, favours the purity and cleanliness of the line and at the same time enhances the perception of an ever-higher quality.

The Trideck is also a product of research and technology. Developed with the support of the R&D Department of the Azimut-Benetti Group, the boat is based on an advanced naval platform and benefits from the second-generation D2P (Displacement to Planning) hull, which significantly reduce consumption, together with the extensive use of carbon fibre. The new flagship Trideck offers comparable and sometimes lower consumption figures than those of her smaller sister the Grande 35 Metri, which was already best in class.