02 Nov 2011

When Anton Mulder from Cape Town took a look at all the Airberth’s nestling in the waters of Granger Bay, he knew that this was the way to go when it came to mooring his  30’ Ocean Bourne Power Cat.

Boating World’s arranged for a new unit capable of carrying a load of 5.2 tons to be shipped out from the Australian-based factory.  After a few weeks the Airberth Boat Lift system arrived in a 20ft container and under Greg Alice’s and Mike Wade’s watchful eye, was offloaded from the ship.  A private trucking company was hired to transport the unit to Granger Bay where Greg and Mike and assistant Batman spent a number of hours assembling it.

Once complete the Airberth was craned into the water and driven to Anton’s mooring where it was custom-set to fit his boat. Since then he has been out to sea a number of times and each time he has found operating the unit simple and effective.

“It is really easy to use and makes the whole boating experience much more pleasant!” he says.

It takes only about three minutes to raise your craft right out of the water (without a crane or trailering) for easy cleaning, storage and repairs - eliminating towing, launching and recovery. Attached to your mooring jetty you have instant access to your boat and you can climb aboard or disembark with greatly improved stability. This amazing maintenance-free unit (there are different models which can accommodate boats of up to 15 tons) is ideal for marina storage. Hoses are attached from a weather-proof, portable control box which regulates the supply of air to the main buoyancy chambers and water is pumped out through the tail pipes when lifting. 

 By releasing the sealing caps of the tail pipes using the rope pull - the chambers are flooded to lower the boat into the water.  All you have to do is follow the mooring guides and drive your boat onto the submerged AirBerth.

The unit simply rises up above the water and your boat is kept completely dry and safely stored right at your jetty-side. It evens has a fitted spray that sprays fresh water onto the boat when out the water

Anton’s parting comment was, “I sleep really well at night knowing that my boat is not sitting in the water where it needs constant cleaning, repairs and endless anti-fouling.”