27 Feb 2012

Let me just start out by saying that, as a lady, I never thought that I would enjoy fishing as much as I do now.  The weather conditions were absolutely perfect, I never thought that the ocean would ever be as flat and as “glassy” as it was on Friday (17 February 2012).  Mother nature always seems to surprise you when you least expect it.  The guys caught fish after fish, it was a great fishing day.  At one stage we had a “triple hook up” which was quite exciting.  There were 3 men and myself on the boat that day.  I was called down to help. I honestly thought that I was just going to reel in a line to get it out of the way…  To my surprise, there was actually a fish on the line.  I was shocked, amazed and many other things at that stage.  Needless to say I reeled the fish in, with some help.  This fish was my first ever fish which I caught.  We caught a total of 9 fish that day (1 wahoo, 8 dorado).

The next day wasn’t as good a fishing day as the previous.  We went hours without any hits.  We ended up trawling for many hours.  And then out of the water jumped a marlin; I had never seen anything like it.  It was absolutely amazing.  Unfortunately we didn’t hook it, but that’s what every fisherman dreams of hooking.  Our time will surely come.  We caught a total of 4 fish that day (all dorado).

Sunday was a little rough.  The sea was really bumpy.  The guys fished with live bait today and let me just say it seems like this type is also just as fun, if not more, as trawling.  If I remember correctly, the guys caught a total of 5 fish today (all dorado).

So as our Riviera 40 boat name would suggest, I guess you could say that we (yes, myself included) are “hooked” on ocean fishing.