07 Jun 2012

When you’ve had your fun in the sun, wouldn’t it be great if you could just walk off your boat onto dry land without all the hassle of it off the water for cleaning and other time consuming maintenance activities?

Well now you can – more and more boaters looking to simplify their lives and maximise their leisure time are investing in an Airberth Boat Lift System. This versatile, non-corrosive storage system is the easiest way to store your boat next to a jetty or even in open water. It only takes about three minutes to raise a boat out of the water, eliminating the need for a crane or trailering and giving easy access to the hull.

Now there’s no no fuss when it comes to cleaning, maintenance or repairs and even better - no need for endless anti-fouling.  Attached to your mooring jetty you have instant access to your boat and you can climb aboard or disembark with greatly improved stability.

This is how it works. Hoses are attached from a weather-proof, portable control box which regulates the supply of air to the main buoyancy chambers and water is pumped out through the tail pipes when lifting. 

 By releasing the sealing caps of the tail pipes using the rope pull - the chambers are flooded to lower the boat into the water.  You simply follow the mooring guides and drive your boat onto the submerged AirBerth.

The unit simply rises up above the water and your boat is kept completely dry and safely stored right at your jetty-side.

Easily transportable (and Boating World’s staff help with assembly all around the country) the Airberth is made of high density polyethylene plastic (designed to last 50-plus years) with no submerged metal parts.

The support cradles fit most monohull craft, though other shapes have been accommodated and the fibreglass-hull friendly Airberth can accommodate boats of up to 10 tons.

Speak to the Boating World team about booking your maintenance-free unit now. There are difference models and sizes available and they are ideal for marina storage.

There is a stock unit available at a great special of only R95 000 - moored at Durban Marina which can be transported anywhere around the country.