04 Jul 2012

It’s easy to nod off into dreamland on board a beautiful, luxury cruiser on a calm, starlit night with the sound of water gently lapping against the hull – especially when moored next to the magnificent Cape Grace Hotel.

Boating World’s Derrick and Suzanne Levy recently decided to spend the night on the Fairline Targa 38 after a fun-filled whiskey tasting event which was held at the hotel. They were joined by their client and owner of the Fairline 40, who also slept aboard his boat once the festivities were over.

Earlier that day, the Targa 38 had been brought across from Granger Bay Marina and the two Fairline cruisers looked quite at home alongside their luxurious counterparts nestling on the water.

The perfectly relaxing evening began with drinks at cocktail hour, followed by the whiskey-tasting and finishing off with a delicious dinner and lots of laughter before the party retired to their respective craft.

Suzanne and Derrick spent a short while reclining in the plush seating of the open-plan cockpit (which easily accommodates six) – listening to the sound of revelers enjoying themselves at the many different venues around the V&A marina. Moving down into the saloon they watched the news on TV before heading off for a relaxing hot shower.

Suzanne said sleeping on the Targa 38 was a really peaceful experience and they found the cabin to be spacious, well laid out and very comfortable.  Although they didn’t take advantage of this occasion, they could have cooked breakfast in the kitchenette which comes complete with a cooktop and microwave oven or outside in the open on the BBQ griddle in the cockpit area.  

It certainly won’t be too long before they take the opportunity to spend another night on the water.