Suzanne Levy

Originally from Durban, the true pillar of organizational strength behind Boating World is Suzanne Levy, Derrick’s partner in life and in business.

Suzanne is a qualified Certified Public Accountant and Business Management Specialist and has more than 25 years of experience in the yachting industry.

She has helped to shape the elements that put Boating World squarely ahead of the pack in the local boating industry. This includes securing and managing sole agencies for some of the finest yachting brands in the world; organisational design geared at satisfying clients and making them part of the Boating World family; and an attention to detail that impacts positively on each and every aspect of Boating World's business and customer experience.

Suzanne controls the groups financials, agencies and spares department.

Expect to see her out on the water in and around Cape Town...often, as she loves the yachting lifestyle.


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